Al Jefferson is an experienced multi-sport athlete who discovered a passion for RAAM after playing a strategic support crew role in the Team Australia 2015 campaign and as a Team Australia Rider in 2017. He has a reputation in the triathlon community as a fierce competitor and with good reason. His list of Ironman races is endless, qualifying and competing in the Ironman World Championships at Kona 8 times. His time trialling prowess is something to behold and will be invaluable across the challenging Kansas plains. Al resides in Townsville, tropical Far North Queensland.  The NZ born helicopter rescue crewman will provide experience and plenty of speed for 2021's Race Across America.



I will be supporting beyondblue who are currently undertaking World-first research into Australian police and emergency service personnel’s mental health needs.

Team Jefferson will have 8 dedidcated team members and will be joined by hundreds of other riders and support crews in 2021. The Race starts off from Oceanside, California and ends some 5000 km’s later at Annapolis, Maryland.



RAAM is an outstanding platform for raising money for charitable causes.

Having over 10 years’ experience as a Rescue Crew Officer with QGAir Helicopter Rescue, I have seen first hand how the effects that the challenging environment emergency services workers face can be an underlying cause for PTSD, depression, anxiety and suicide.

“The only national statistic we have about the mental health of police and emergency service workers is a devastating one – 110 Australian police and emergency services workers died by suicide between 2010 and 2012,” said beyondblue CEO Georgie Harman.


Emergency Services, Health workers and volunteers are always there for the community; so I am asking for your help in raising funds to promote the awareness of the benefits of Good Mental Health because I think it’s important that we all join together to help take care of our Frontline Emergency Service workers.