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2024 Ravenswood Gran Fondo
Rider Briefing

Thank you for registering for the fourth Ravenswood to Burdekin Gran Fondo Bike Ride. The following information is designed to assist you in your preparation for and successful completion of the event. The ride, consisting of three separate distances (50km, 100km & 163km) will commence at 8:00 am on Saturday 4th May 2024 in front of the Imperial Hotel in Ravenswood.


Please ensure that your chosen steed is in good condition with serviceable brakes. There will be a combination of both Road & TT bikes utilised as well as riders of various riding competence and capability. Care and tolerance is to be shown at all times. Bunch riding etiquette is again, expected at all times.


Unfortunately, we were unable to source the timing chips used previously, although we are continuing to locate other options. So there will be no “official” timekeeping available.


As the ride is generally unsupported, it is the rider’s responsibility to ensure that suitable and adequate spares are carried and available.


As per spares, it is the rider’s responsibility to ensure that adequate electrolytes/ nutrition is available throughout the ride. Water will be available on course, with bulk supplies at the 50 klm and at the Dam. Top Brand Cycles will be hosting a “Rehydration Station” at the 25klm turnaround. This will be the last water / soft drink available on the return leg. Please don’t ride past without topping up your bottles. There will also be a limited supply of Cramp Fix available, but please only use what you need, and think of those still out on the course. Same goes for the soft drinks……


Toilets are available at the start and porta-loos will be available at all turn around points.


Limited quantities of ice will be available at the turn around points. Please don’t waste it!!


The Gran Fondo is taking place on open public roads. Riders are to obey all roads signage and comply with current Road Laws. The route is NOT a closed road and therefore riders can expect to encounter other road users, including heavy vehicles. The ride start will be a “bunch” start with all cyclists commencing together and riding under neutral conditions for the first 5 km. This is a condition of our permit and MUST be complied with. This is to ensure that all riders negotiate the Ravenswood Township together and safely conduct the initial Left Turn onto the Burdekin Falls Dam Road. This Left turn with be marshal controlled.


The ride route passes through private land holdings that include portions of unfenced cattle grazing land. Expect cattle to be in close proximity to the road. Be conscious and cautious of livestock at all times. There are numerous cattle grids spaced approximately every 5 km along the route. Extreme care is to be taken when crossing these grids. Please ensure that your approach to the grid is controlled and cautious and that the grid is crossed at 90 degree’s to the rails. Some of the grids will be covered by rubber matting, however it remains the rider’s responsibility to ensure that all grids are safety negotiated.


A roving medical team comprising a QAS Paramedic and Medical Doctor will be available along the course. Triple Zero (000) remains the primary method of activating emergency services.


The Imperial Hotel will be the Ride HQ and location of both the Pre-start briefing as well as the post-ride activities.


If you experience difficulties with your bike or are unable to continue riding for any reason there will be a SAG WAGON following along behind the riders that will be able to bring both rider and bike back to Ravenswood.


In order to try and cure the hunger pains after competing in the event, a Pizza Van will be set up at the back of the Imperial Hotel beer garden…….if you’re feeling peckish, please help yourself.


The Gran Fondo permit allows riders to be on course between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm. Riders who have not completed the event by 4:00 pm will be removed from the course, courtesy of the nudge bar of the following vehicle😊……..kidding.

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